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Best Car Insurance Companies in the US in 2023 by Alam-Alkora

There are many small and relatively unknown car insurance companies operating in the United States. Here are a few examples:

Root Insurance - Root Insurance is a relatively new company that uses telematics technology to determine premiums based on driving behavior. It is available in over 30 states and offers a range of coverage options.

Clearcover - Clearcover is another new player in the car insurance market. It offers a simplified, online-only platform and claims to offer affordable rates due to its low overhead costs.

Metromile - Metromile is a unique car insurance company that offers pay-per-mile coverage. It is designed for drivers who don't drive much and want to save money on their insurance premiums.

Lemonade - Lemonade is a tech-based insurance company that uses artificial intelligence and chatbots to streamline the claims process. It offers a range of coverage options, including car insurance.

Say Insurance - Say Insurance is a newer company that offers customizable coverage options and a streamlined online platform. It is available in several states and is known for its focus on customer service.

It's important to note that while these companies may offer competitive rates and innovative coverage options, they may not have the same financial stability and long-term track record as larger, more established insurers. It's important to do your research and compare policies before choosing a car insurance company.